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Christmas Trees
27 Dec 1982 An 8 minute episode filmed for the BBC comedy compilation The Funny Side of Christmas. Del's down the market trying to sell 150 Christmas trees that are "going down as well as a Union Jack in Buenos Aires".
He needs a gimmick and an unwitting Rodney and the Church of England provide the answer.
Licensed To Drill
1984 30 minute education video about oil that was ever only shown in schools. Del sits Rodney and Grandad down to watch a BBC2 documentry about North Sea oil. Rodney's puzzled at Del's sudden interest until he discovers Del thinks he's bought a bargain. An oil rig for 400 that's in a lock-up in Catford!
White Mice
24 Dec 1985 A 5 minute special for the BBC's Breakfast Time Del's sold some white mice with the promise that they'll turn in horses at midnight and now he finds himself at the centre of a Breakfast Time investigation.
Royal Variety Performance
27 Nov 1986 Part of the 1986 Royal Variety Performance at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Del, Rodney and Albert are delivering a van load of dodgy whiskey to a mate of Del's who runs Delaney's Club in the West End.
A mix up however sees the three mistaking the Theatre Royal for Delaney's club and walking out on stage in the middle of the Royal Variety Performance.
The Robin Flies at Dawn
1991 A 15 minute special shot at RAF Strike Command, High Wycombe and sent to the troops in the Gulf. Del's got a top secret plan, he's sending the troops the three wheeler complete with a machine gun mounted on the roof.
Comic Relief
14 March 1997 A scetch with Del, Rodney and Albert making an appeal for donations to Comic Relief. Rodney's finances leave him feeling sorry for himself and Del's contemplating a modelling career for young Damien. Albert meanwhile reminds them how lucky they all are when he reminisces about his time in Africa.