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Series 5, From Prussia With Love

Boycie: A girl? But you said she'd had a scan.

Del: I know what I told you, alright Boycie. I know I told you it was gonna be a boy but it ain't. Just keep your money the deals off right.

Marlene: I don't care if it's a boy, a girl, or twins! It's a baby.

Boycie: Alright Marlene, we'll take it. It's amazing innit? Everything you buy off him's got something missing!

Series 5, Video Nasty

Boycie: I have heard Rumours Mickey Mouse wears a Rodney Trotter wristwatch!

Series 7, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle

Boycie: I remember a few years back when I had that important client coming over from Belgium and I was trying to get tickets to Wimbledon to impress him. You said "leave it to me Boycie, I gotta contact at Wimbledon".

Del: I got you two tickets.

Boycie: That's right! They drew nil-nil with Ipswich!

Series 7, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle

Raquel: You should have more respect.

Mike: Those women went through he war for us.

Boycie: Yeah, you can still see the bomb damage on some of 'em.

Series 7, The Sky's the Limit

Raquel: Hello Boycie. I suppose I've got to ask you in?

Boycie: Yes. I'd like to get away as quick as possible. I've left my Mercedes parked downstairs and you know what they're like on this estate. They'd have the wheels off a Jumbo if it flew too low.


Christmas 1988, Dates

Mike: Why does he keep doing it, eh?

Boycie: Gawd knows. I suppose at some time in his life someone told him he could play the piano.

Mike: Yeah, but I'd like to meet the git who told him he could sing!

Series 6, Chain Gang

Mike: So they weren't yours to sell in the first place?

Arnie: No, they belonged to me... No Mr Stavros never actually gave me any money for them, so in the eyes of the law they were still legally mine. But he's an odd sort of person. Once you've shaken hands on a deal, as far as he's concerned they're his property, an now he's come to collect.

Rodney: And he is given to bouts of mindless violence, ain't he?

Arnie: Very, very nasty.

Boycie: Let him. If he wants a war, we'll give him one! Won't we?

Rodney: Eh?

Albert: I don't like the sound of that!

Mike: Oh don't worry, Albert, there won't be many naval engagements in this one.

Christmas 1991, Miami Twice

Boycie: Mind you, I've gotta hand it to him, he's put on a good spread here today.

Mike: What'd you mean he's put on a good spread? This is all on the slate. I've got so many of his slates under here I could re-tile me bloody roof!


Christmas 2002, Strangers On The Shore

Trigger: Do you ever miss being married, Denzil?

Denzil: Well, there's some things I miss. I'd like to meet a nice women though.

Trigger: Yeah, me too. Take her out give her something to eat.

Denzil: Yeah, get to know each other a bit, you know. Might like each other then who knows in time maybe she might do some ironing for me!


Series 7, The Chance Of A Lunchtime

Raquel: The tour doesn't start for another three months.

Del: Oh well, gives you you plenty of time to meet more of them intelligent, sensitive actor people don't it?

Raquel: Derek, will you get it into your thick skull: I'm not trying to meet intelligent and sensitive people, I'm happy with you!


Christmas 2002, Strangers On The Shore

Marlene: You keep your big mouth shut at this wedding. I don't want you being sarcastic to my family

Boycie: Well that's gonna limit the conversation then innit? I mean they make Grant Mitchell look intelligent.

Marlene: I'm fed up having to defend you. The times I've said yes he's ugly, but he's successful.