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"It's as if we have lost our real Grandad." David Jason speaking after the death of Lennard Pearce.
"It was pretty much instant between us, getting on together. We are never at a loss for words to each other. We can talk across the board about most things." Nicholas Lyndhurst on his friendship with David Jason.
"We both come from poor working-class families and went to the same sort of school but, from there on, we go our seperate ways" David Jason speaking about the similaraties between himself and Del Boy.
"I've seen survays that say the character of Rodney is what most women adore. He's popular because mothers want to mother him and girls want to look after him and they love the fact he gets things wrong because he's not nasty at all." Gwyneth Strong speaking about the character of Rodney.
"I've loved doing it and even though I came in much later than the others they were so welcoming and friendly" Tessa Peak-Jones speaking about the other cast members of Only Fools & Horses
"He's just a nice guy and that's his trouble. He always falls for it and then he knows he's landed himself in it." Paul Barber speaking about his character, Denzil.
"He gives me the ammunition and I fire the guns" David Jason speaking at the 1991 BAFTA awards about Only Fools & Horses creator and writer John Sullivan
"They fight like cat and dog but actually they care about each other deeply." Nicholas Lyndhurst speaking about the relationship between Del and Rodney.
"It was very, very sad because you just couldn't believe it would ever really come to an end." Kenneth MacDonald speaking about the then final episode, Time On Our Hands.
"I read the script and thought it was very funny. It made me laugh out loud, which is quite rare, and therefore I had no hesitation about taking the part." John Challis speaking about the script for his first episode Go West Young Man.
"He's a bit of a dreamer and in his own world really." Roger Lloyd Pack speaking about his character, Trigger.
"The most pleasurable thing about playing Albert is that I can walk down any street or get on any bus or train and people smile and go, 'there's Uncle Albert', and that's magic." Buster Merryfield speaking about the reaction from fans.
"He's sorely missed to this day. He knew exactly how to say his lines so perfectly." Nicholas Lyndhurst speaking about the late Lennard Pearce.
"He is basically an actor and the best comedy actor I have ever worked with. He was my hero, helpful, considerate, a wonderful teacher. I loved his generosity but I was more affected by his ability. So much so that I used to call him 'The Guv'nor' behind his back." David Jason speaking about comedy legend and friend Ronnie Barker.
"Writing a script without him was like trying to put my coat on with only one arm. It just didn't work anymore." John Sullivan on the difficulties of writing the OFAH scripts immiediately after the death of Lennard Pearce.
"David and I have talked about it a lot. We would both like to just do the job and go home and be left to get on with being ordinary human beings." Nicholas Lyndhurst on his and David Jason's uneasiness with fame.
"I never tire of reading John Sullivan's writing. Sometimes it's only minutes after they have come through the letterbox that I've collapsed with laughing" David Jason speaking about the Only Fools & Horses scripts.
"It was like playing for Liverpool then joining a team in Division Three - it was a differant league. Although I was Head of Comedy, you're really head of nothing. Head of pencils was more important." Producer Ray Butt speaking about leaving the BBC and Only Fools & Horses in 1987 to become Head of Comedy at Central Television
"We didn't want him to feel like an outsider and he responded to that. It was potentially very dangerous to bring someone new in like that but, bless him, he rose to the occassion. He made the character his own quite brilliantly." David Jason speaking about Buster Merryfield.
"It impressed me how welcoming the cast and production team were to guest actors like me, even though I was only with them for a week." Philip Pope speaking about his one off part as Tony Angelino
"Whatever else I do, He's what I'll be remembered for; he's become a myth in his own right. I've been lucky and such an opportunity is unlikely to happen again, so in that respect it has to be the highlight of my career." Roger Lloyd Pack speaking about his role as Trigger.
"The sad difference, of course, is that we don't have Buster or Ken, and that's very noticeable. There is no question, it doesn't feel the same because they're not around, but having said that, life goes on and they would have both wanted the show to continue." Tessa Peake Jones speaking about filming the latest trilogy without Buster Merryfield and Ken MacDonald.