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Series 2, Ashes to Ashes

Trigger: You knew my Grandad Arthur, didn't you Mr Trotter.

Grandad: Yeah, I knew Arthur alright.

Trigger: He was a smashing man, he took care of me when my Mum went.

Rodney: Where was your Dad?

Trigger: He died a couple of years before I was born.

Series 2, Ashes to Ashes

Del: You're going on your holidays Tuesday, ain't yer?

Trigger: Yeah, I'm Looking forward to that Del. I've been under a bit of pressure lately, what with me Gran in hospital and me case being adjourned. It'll be nice to get away from it all. I'm gonna live it up a bit. Disco's nightclubs, golden beaches, blue skies.

Rodney: Sounds Great Trig, where'y going?

Trigger: Ireland!

Christmas 1887, The Frogs Legacy

Mike: Don't try'n be funny with me, Trigger. I'll tell you this much, I've had certificates for my beer.

Trigger: Yeah, I've had a few days off work with it as well!

Christmas 1989, The Jolly Boy's Outing

Jevon: You gotta give Del he's due's ain't ya, he did all the catering by himself.

Mickey: Leave off Jevon, can you see Delboy standing in the kitchen cutting up all them loaves. He probably got some ediot to do it for him.

Trigger: No, I made em for him.

Christmas 1989, The Jolly Boy's Outing

Trigger: What'd you think's wrong with him?

Mike: What do I think? Well, snow-blindness would be my bet, Trig

Trigger: Yeah? I thought he was pissed.

Series 7, The Class of 62

Rodney: As I was saying. On a cold, rainy night in Peckham, someone has arranged for you four to be here in in this room - together. No one knows who. And the most frightening aspect of the whole mystery - no one knows why! Now, think hard. Who would do something like that?

Trigger: Jeremy Beadle?

Series 7, The Class of 62

Del: We had Denzil in goal, we had Monkey Harris at right-back, we had...we had camaraderie.

Trigger: Was that the Italian boy

Series 7, The Class of 62

Trigger: Yeah, I'll have a beer.

Boycie: How can you drink with Slater? That's the man who stitched you up with them knocked-off green shield stamps and sent you away for 18 months!

Trigger: I know. But when I came out I got an electric blanket and a radio with 'em.

Series 7, Three Men a Women and a Baby

Mike: So?

Trigger: What?

Mike: What name have they decided on?

Trigger: If it's a girl they're calling it Sigourney after an actress, and if it's a boy they're naming him Rodney after Dave!

Christmas 1991, Miami Twice

Trigger: Going down the pub, Alan?

Alan: Oh yeah, we'll be there.

Pam: We're going down the pub, are we?

Alan: Got to be polite to Raquel and Del. We've gotta wet the baby's head

Pam: Roughly translated, that means, 'I can't wait to get down the Nags Head and get legless with Del!

Trigger: Take your time, Pam, we've gotta christian the baby first.

Christmas 1991, Miami Twice

Rodney: You see, it's fossil fuels! People do not realise the damage they're doing to this planet.

Trigger: I don't have none of them in my house, I use gas and oil.

Rodney: Trig, they are fossil fuels!

Trigger: Are they? Well, I'll switch to coal in future!

Christmas 1992, Mother Natures Son

Denzil: It's closed!

Trigger: (Checks watch) Well, it's a bit late, innit?

Del: What d'you mean 'a bit late?' You said it was open twenty-four hours a day!

Trigger: Yeah, but not at night!

Christmas 2002, Strangers On The Shore

Denzil: You ever thought of getting married, Trig?

Trigger: No, I haven't met the right person yet, but I've always had this sort of image of my perfect woman, sort of my dream girl.

Denzil: What's she like?

Trigger: Oh she's nothing to look at, very plain, little scar on her chin where she had a wart removed.

Christmas 2002, Strangers On The Shore

Trigger: Sometimes I think about the future. I don't want to end up a lonely bachelor like my cousin Ronnie. Then again he always had a strange taste in women.

Denzil: In what way?

Trigger: Well, they were men!