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To Hull and Back
Christmas Special
25 Dec 1985
16.9 million Del's reluctant to act as a courier for Boycie and Abdul's diamond smuggling scheme until he's offered 15.000. He ropes in Rodney and Albert and they take to the seas with Albert at the helm but end up getting lost until Del ask directions to Holland from a bloke on a gas rig in the North sea!
On the trio's return to England with the diamonds they find Del's old adversary Chief Inspector Slater laying in wait!
A Royal Flush
Christmas Special
25 Dec 1986
18.8 million Rodney meets Victoria down the market and as soon as Del finds out that Rodder's is dating the Duke of Malbury's daughter, he starts making plans for the wedding of the year.
The Frogs Legacy
25 Dec 1987
14.5 million At the wedding of Trigger's niece his Aunt Renee tells Del and Rodney about their Mums old friend Freddie the Frog. Rodney wants to know why this old villain left all his ill-gotten gains to their Mum but Del's more interested in where he's buried it!
25 Dec 1988
16.6 million When Del sees the girl Triggers met through a dating agency he decides to give it a go himself and meets a budding actress. Rodney's got a date of his own with Nerys the Nags Head barmaid and tries to impress her with his tough new look. Del's romance is going along nicely until Albert's birthday bash when a familiar face turns up as the strip-o-gram!
The Jolly Boys' Outing
Christmas Special
25 Dec 1989
20.1 million Del has organised the annual Jolly Boys' Outing to Margate but things don't run smoothly. Rodney gets arrested, the coach blows up and the Trotters end up at the Villa Bella, a spooky B&B.
Del and Rodney decide to head to the local nightclub where Del bumps into an old flame!
Rodney Come Home
25 Dec 1990
18 million Rodney leaves home after another bust up with Cassandra but has to make do with the couch back at Nelson Mandela House as Raquel's sleeping in Rodney's old room because Del still hasn't asked her to "stamp his card"!
Miami Twice Part 1
Christmas Special
24 Dec 1991
17.7 million It's Damien's Christening and a chance for his Godparents, Rodney and Cassandra to get together as their marriage is having problems. Del kindly uses Rodney's money from his pension fund at the printing firm to book two tickets to Miami for Rodney and Cassandra. Trouble is Cassandra can't get the time off work so Del volunteers to take her place!
Miami Twice Part 2
Christmas Special
25 Dec 1991
14.9 million Del Boy and Rodney haven't been in Miami a day yet and they've had their camera all their luggage and money stolen. How lucky they bumped into these nice 'Family' boys at the night club they popped into to make a phone call. What they don't know is that there is a Godfather involved and they are expendable. On the run in the Everglades is not a fun experience especially as someone's let out some alligator's, maybe they'll bump into someone they know.
Mother Natures Son
25 Dec 1992
20.1 million When Del finds out just how much bottled mineral water costs he decides to discover his own spring on Grandad's old allotment. Its not long until 'Peckham Spring' is on the shelves and the money's rolling into the Trotter household. But how long until it's discovered that 'Peckham Spring' is really tap water?
Fatal Extraction
25 Dec 1993
19.6 million Del's back to his old ways of drinking, gambling and staying out late and Raquel decides it's time for her and Damien to leave and heads for Rodney and Cassandra's flat. On the rebound Del invites Beverly the receptionist at the dentists out for a date but realises his mistake and calls it off at the last minute. Eventually making it up with Raquel Del's convinced that Beverly is stalking him!