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Slang Meaning
Adam and Eve Believe
Almond Rocks Socks
Apples and Pears Stairs
Aris Arse (From Aristotle = Bottle
Bottle of Glass = Arse)
Barnet Fair Hair
Blower Telephone
Boat Race Face
Bo Peep Sleep
Bob 1 Shilling (5p)
Bonnie and Clyde Snide (Fake)
Brown Bread Dead
Bunce Money
Butchers Hook Look
Century 100
Chew the fat Chat
China Plate Mate
Cock and Hen Ten
Currant Bun Sun
Deaf and Dumb Bum
Dog and Bone Phone
Donkey's Ears Years
Elephant's Trunk Drunk
Elliot Ness Mess
Farmer Giles Piles
Four By Two Jew
Frog and Toad Road
Gold Watch Scotch
Grand 1000
Gregory Peck Neck
Gypsy's Kiss P*ss
Half-Inch Pinch (Steal)
Hank Marvin Starving
Iron Hoof Poof
Jack Jones Alone
Jimmy Riddle Piddle
Joanna Piano
Kermit Road (Frog and Toad)
Lady Godiva 5 (Fiver)
Loaf of Bread Head
Long Un 100
Mars Bar Scar
Mince Pies Eyes
Monkey 500
Mother Hubbard Cupboard
Mutt and Jeff Deaf
Ned Kelly Telly
North and South Mouth
New Delhi Belly
Once A Week Cheek
Otis Redding Wedding
Peckham Rye Tie
Pen and Ink Stink
Plates of Meat Feet
Pony 25
Queens Park Ranger Stranger
Quid Pound ()
Radio Rental Mental
Rhythm and Blues Shoes
Rock and Roll Dole (Social Security)
Round the Houses Trousers
Ruby Murray Curry
Salmon and Trout Snout (Cigarette)
Score 20
Sherbet Dab Cab (Taxi)
Sovs Pounds ()
Stoke On Trent Bent
Syrup of Figs Wig
Taters (Potatoes in the mould) Cold
Tea Leaf Thief
Tin Tack Sack
Titfer (Tit for Tat) Hat
Toby Ale Rail (Train)
Toby Jug Mug
Tom and Dick Sick
Tom Foolery Jewellery
Ton 100
Trouble and Strife Wife
Vera Lynn Gin
Whistle and Flute Suit