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From Peckham to pasture

BBC Press Office 23 June 2005

Only Fools And Horses favourites Boycie and Marlene are off to start a new life in Shropshire, swapping their Peckham palace for a rambling farmhouse, in John Sullivan’s new sitcom, The Green Green Grass.

The Green Green Grass is the debut programme from Sullivan’s new company, Shazam Productions, for BBC One.

Boycie (John Challis) is on the run from the infamous Driscoll Brothers and his only hope of living to old age is to leg it before they catch up with him.

So he ups sticks with his reluctant wife, Marlene (Sue Holderness), and recalcitrant son,Tyler (Jack Doolan), to a secluded farm in Shropshire.

Looking for peace and a quiet life, Boycie is horrified to discover that the farm comes with three staff – farm manager Elgin (David Ross), ploughman Jed (Peter Hepplethwaite) and herdsman Bryan (Ivan Kaye).

However, he’s not as horrified as Marlene when they convince him that he’s perfect gentleman farmer material – and then he buys a bull...

There’s also trouble from the neighbours, as adjoining farmer – patriotic and outspoken Welshman Llewellyn (Alan David) – takes an instant dislike to Boycie.

Tyler finds love when he goes to school and meets Rhian (Karen Paullada) and Marlene is thoroughly confused by her work-shy housekeeper, Mrs Cakeworthy (Ella Kenion).

John Sullivan says:“When I was writing Only Fools, I often used to wonder what Boycie and Marlene were like when they were at home together alone.And now I’ve had the chance to find out!

“They’re like lots of married couples – constantly bickering and trying to hide their little secrets but, deep down, they love each other.

“Inevitably, Boycie is better suited to the country, as being a gentleman farmer appeals to his ego and he’s not afraid to try anything once, but Marlene finds the transition more difficult.

Stilettos weren’t made for traipsing across fields!”

The series is currently filming on location in Shropshire and at Teddington Studios.