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Viva England Rocks It For John

From This Is London, 11 June 2004

ONE of the patriotic anthems cheering our lads on, in Euro 2004, is Viva England', the brainchild of Staines singer, John Matthews.

John wrote the song to the tune of his favourite TV show, Only Fools and Horses', and filmed the video at Staines Football Club.

The song is to be released on Monday (June 14), and the video will be shown on CD:UK on Saturday (June 12).

John, lead singer of the band, Undercover, is a huge fan of the cockney sitcom, and owns a yellow Robin Reliant three-wheeled van, just like Del Boy's.

He believes Viva England will be the best football song around, combining a list of top football managers and players from over the years, with a tune that makes us proud to be English'.

John arranged a meeting with the agent of John Sullivan (the creator of Only Fools and Horses'), and, when Mr Sullivan heard it, he gave his blessing for the track to be released.

John Sullivan's wife was reportedly so impressed with the track that she actually thought it was her husband singing it!