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From The Mirror, 8 September 2004

DAVID Jason is to star in a major new 2million drama based on 70s prison sitcom Porridge.

He will play a Norman Fletcher-style character who is banged up in a cell with a first-time offender.

Just like "habitual criminal" Fletch - Ronnie Barker - Only Fools and Horses star Jason, 64, will befriend the youngster.

The series will spin off from feature-length film Diamond Geezer.

A source revealed Jason's character works out that the young man is his illegitimate son.

He tries to bring him in on a plot to commit the perfect crime - but his son is horrified.

The insider said: "Just like his alter ego Del Boy, Jason's character believes that he who dares wins."

ITV supremo Nick Elliott said: "David wants to do drama he doesn't see anyone else doing."

Jason, who starred alongside Barker in Open All Hours, also had a regular role in Porridge as old lag Blanco Webb.