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04 February 2006, The Daily Record

BOOZY couch potato Homer Simpson has been voted the most romantic TV husband of all time.

The cartoon dad's devotion and faithfulness to wife Marge outweighed his slobbishness to help him beat a host of small screen spouses - from Ozzy Osbourne to the dad in The Waltons.

The list also includes Terry from Terry and June and Rodney from Only Fools And Horses, showing that even the most hapless husbands have their fans.

And even though there are a host of handsome, dashing characters in soaps, the top soap husband was Jim Branning, Dot's husband in EastEnders.

Only two real-life husbands made the top 10 - wildman rocker Ozzy, who appeared on his own reality show, and Peter Andre, who met wife Jordan on I'm A Celebrity.

Comedy characters Tom in The Good Life, played by Richard Briers, and Chandler from Friends, played by Matthew Perry, were also praised.

Online jewellery company said they had found the survey was dominated by ordinary men who would do anything for their wives.

Director Mark Walker said: "Homer may not be blessed with brains but his romantic gestures certainly make up for it in Marge's eyes.

"All these couples reflect the importance of celebrating our love whatever our circumstances."


1 Homer Simpson

2 Jim Branning

3 Tom Good = Terry Fletcher

5 Rodney Trotter

6 Harold Bishop = Peter Andre

8 Chandler Bing

9 Ozzy Osbourne

10 John Walton Snr