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Name Episode Character Name Character Known relations
Ron Aldridge
The Sky's The Limit
(Series 7)

Bronco, a painter and decorator has just finished doing up Boycie’s house but his brother-in-law is refusing to pay up. Recently having his flat reposed by the building society he’s now in a bed and breakfast next to Gatwick airport and he’s not having any better luck with work. A roof he recently retiled collapsed and a house he rewired burnt down. Having spent some time in prison for speeding down Streatham High Road in a stolen JCB and then being diagnosed with paranoia Bronco then nicks the satellite dish that brings Gatwick to a standstill and causes chaos throughout Europe.

Dora Lane - Mother
Marlene Boyce - Sister
Sandra Lane - Wife
Kyle Lane - Daughter
Boycie - Brother-in-law
Tony Anholt
To Hull and Back
(Christmas 1985)

The Hatton Garden Jeweller is Boycie’s partner in the £50.000 diamond smuggling racket in To Hull and Back. Also mentioned in Diamonds are for Heather and Video Nasty.

Sayeed - Brother
Mr Hussein - Cousin
Jill Baker
The Second Time Around
(Series 1)
Pauline Harris

One of Del’s many ex’s, Pauline turns up in the Nags Head and its not long until they’ve rekindled their relationship and she’s moving into the flat and pestering Del to take out life insurance. Having been twice widowed since Del last saw her Rodney and Grandad are suspicious but it takes Del a little longer to see sense and give her the elbow.

Bobby Finch (Deceased) - Husband
Mr Baker (Deceased) - Husband
John Bardon
The Longest Night
(Series 5)
Tom Clarke

Head of security at Top Buy supermarket Tom is involved in the scam to rob the store.

Andree Bernard
(Christmas 1988)
Sickness and Wealth
(Series 6)
Nervous Nerys

A barmaid at the Nags Head she’s not called ‘Nervous Nerys’ for nothing. After agreeing to go out on a date with Rodney, Mickey and Jevon convince him that Nerys goes for the macho-man type. On their date the pair go cruising in the van and Rodney’s attempts to impress her go horribly wrong when they end up in a car chase through Peckham. At the end of the date Nerys’ nerves are shot and she ends up on the floor of the van a quivering wreck.

Mrs Sansom - Mother
Peta Bernard
Big Brother
The Second Time Around (Both Series 1)
Joyce the Barmaid

A barmaid at the Nags Head in series one who according to Del is a bit of a dog!

Vas Blackwood
The Longest Night
(Series 5)

Lennox holds the Trotters hostage as he tries to rob the safe at the Top Buy supermarket but things don’t go to plan. Lennox, or the Shadow as he likes to be known soon confesses to Del that the whole robbery is a scam involving the manager and head of security..

Roseanna Gilbey - Mother
Helen Blizard
The Chance of a Lunchtime
(Series 7)

A drunk and noisy Trudy recognises Del in the Nags Head and it turns out they were engaged in 1970 but split up when Rodney’s pet vole nested in one of her wigs.

Gaye Brown
No Greater Love
(Series 7)

Forty-year-old Irene has a brief fling with Rodney but with a violent husband just about to be released from prison its Del who steps into save Rodney.

Tommy Mackay - Husband
Marcus Mackay - Son
Mike Carnell
Healthy Competetion
(Series 3)
Young Towser

Del bumps into Young Towser in the Star of Bengal and asks a favour. Towser agrees and Del gives him the money to buy the broken lawn mower engines from Rodney.

Constance Chapman
Sickness and Wealth
(Series 6)
Elsie Partridge

A lady friend of Albert’s, Elsie’s a physic medium and holds a séance in the Nags Head. In If They Could See Us Now we learn that Elsie has been living by the sea with Albert until his death.

Nula Cornwall
Happy Returns
Strained Relations
Hole in One
Watching the Girls Go By
(All Series 4)
Maureen the Barmaid

Another Nags Head barmaid who according to Del is ‘a saucy little cow’.

Antoni Corone
Miami Twice
(Christmas 91)

The son of mafia boss Vinny Occhetti, Rico comes up with a plan to keep his father out of prison. Unfortunately for Del it involves bumping him off.

Vinny Occhetti - Father
Salvatore - Cousin
Geraldine Cowper
Tea For Three
(Series 4)
The Frogs Legacy
(Christmas 87)
Triggers Niece Lisa

Trigger’s niece, Lisa comes up from Hampshire to spend a few days with her Uncle. Her arrival has Del and Rodney vying for her attentions in Tea for Three. Lisa appears again in The Frogs Legacy when the Nags Head regulars go down to the coast for her wedding.

Trigger - Uncle
Renee - Great Aunt
Nabil Elouhabir
Strangers on the Shore
(Christmas 2002)

The Trotters decide to bring back some booze from France and hire a van but Gary, the son of a millionaire businessman, ends up in the back of it. In England the Trotters think they have an illegal immigrant on their hands whilst the non-English speaking Gary thinks he’s been kidnapped.

Millionaire Businessman - Father
Roy Evans

The Jolly Boys' Outing (Christmas 89)

Harry is the unfortunate coach driver who takes the Jolly Boys’ on their ill-fated trip to Margate.