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Name Episode Character Name Character Known relations
Derek Newark
The Russians are Coming
(Series 1)
Eric the Policeman

Eric pulls the Trotters over for speeding in The Russians are Coming but instead of giving them a ticket he tells them heís looking for some stolen summer wear because him and the wife are off to Corfu in a couple of weeks.

Paul Opacic
Chance Of A Lunchtime
(Series 7)

Jules is a gay set designer seen in Chance of a Lunchtime.

Toni Palmer
(Series 3)

Blossom is drunkenly slumped on a wall when Rodney on his way home from the Nags Head stops to help her. Blossom then accuses him of molesting her and screams for help and Rodney panics and has it away on his toes. However it turns out that Blossom is well known in the area and according to Del is Ďas nutty as a fruit cakeí and does this sort of thing regularly.

Sandra Payne
(Series 3)
Miss MacKenzie

Miss Mackenzie is in charge of housing and welfare at the town hall. Rodney gets to know Miss Mackenzie through his role as Chair of the tenants committee.

Daniel Peacock
It's Only Rock and Roll
(Series 4)
Mental Mickey

Mental Mickey is lead singer in Rodneyís rock group. Heís not called ĎMentalí Mickey for nothing having once bit of someoneís ear and is rumoured to have spent some time in Broadmoor.

Ron Pember
(Series 3)

Baz is the chairman of the tenants committee but cunningly dumps the post on an unsuspecting Rodney.

Phil Pope
Stage Fright
(Series 7)
Tony Angelino
The Singing

Tony Angelino, The Singing Dustman, is a mate of Triggerís whoís singing at the Down by the Riverside Club when heís signed up by the Trotter International Star Agency. Delís got big things planned for Tony but finds out too late that he canít pronounce his rís.

Rex Robinson
Healthy Competition
(Series 3)
Video Nasty
(Series 5)
Harry the Foreman (Healthy Competition)
Vicar (Video Nasty)

Harry the foreman is seen at the auction rooms in Healthy Competition.
The vicar in Video Nasty married Boycie and Marlene twenty years ago so is invited to their anniversary party.

Kate Saunders
The Long Legs of the Law
(Series 2)

Del is shocked when Rodney tells him that heís going on a date with a policewoman but is even more shocked when he brings her back to the flat.

Renu Setna
Cash and Curry
(Series 1)
Mr Ram

Mr Ram is involved in the scam along with Vimmil Malik that sees Del part with two grand.

Joan Sims
The Frogs Legacy
(Christmas 1987)
Aunt Renee

Triggers Aunt Renee is seen in The Frogs Legacy and used to be Joan Trotterís best friend. Itís Aunt Renee who tells Del about Freddie the Frog and the missing gold.

Trigger - Nephew
Lisa - Great Niece
Nick Stringer
Go West Young Man
(Series 1)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
(Series 5)
Aussie Man
(Go West)
Jumbo Mills

The Aussie man buys a clapped out old banger from Del in Go West Young Man.
Jumbo Mills, an old friend and business partner of Delís turns up in Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Since emigrating to Australia in 1967 Jumbo has become a successful businessman and now wants Del to go back in partnership with him and front his business in Australia. Delís eager to go but when Rodneyís permit is turned down due to his criminal record Del declines Jumboís offer.

Christopher Ryan
Little Problems
(Series 6)
Tony Driscoll

Tony and his brother Danny are feared throughout Peckham and appear in the episode Little Problems.

Danny - Brother
Rex Wei
The Yellow Peril
(Series 2)
Mr Chin

Mr Chin is the owner of the Golden Lotus, a Chinese takeaway that Rodney and Grandad are decorating.

Josephine Welcome
Sickness and Wealth
(Series 6)
Dr Shaheed

Dr Shaheed is seen in Sickness and Wealth.

Michele Winstanley
Thicker Than Water
Who's a Pretty Boy?
May the Force Be With You
(All Series 3)
Karen the Barmaid

The Nags Head barmaid in series three.

Peter Woodthorpe
Thicker Than Water
(Christmas 1983)
Reg Trotter

Reg turns up in Thicker than Water having walked out on Del and Rodney a few months after their Mum died. An instantly dislikeable character Reg stirs up trouble and puts a dampener on the Trotters Christmas.

The Whole Trotter Family