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Name Episode Character Name Character Known relations
Robert Glenister
Mother Natures Son
(Christmas 92)

Myles owns four garden and organic food centres. Also the chairman of SWANS (the Spa Water and Natural Spring Committee) he is duped into giving Del a certificate of authenticity for his tap water.

Howard Goorney
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle
(Series 7)
Knock Knock

Knock Knock’s an old friend of Albert’s and the pair are vying for the attentions of Marlene’s Mum, Dora. Sporting a black eye after an evening at the over-sixties club, Albert claims he’s been mugged but the truth soon comes out that Knock Knock knocked him out!

Juliet Hammond
Yesterday Never Comes
(Series 3)
Miranda Davenport

Antique dealer Miranda goes round to the Trotters flat hoping to buy a Queen Anne cabinet. The cabinet turns out to be worthless but she spots an expensive painting and figures the only way to get her hands on it is to dupe Del into believing she’s fallen for his charms!

Gail Harrison
The Jolly Boys' Outing
(Christmas 89)

Joanne is the wife of Stephan and accompanies him to Rodney and Cassandra’s first anniversary dinner.

Stephan - Husband
Daniel Hill
The Jolly Boys' Outing
(Christmas 89)

Stephan is Cassandra’s boss at the bank and is at her and Rodney’s first anniversary wedding dinner. Rodney doesn’t like him and a misunderstanding sees Stephan sporting a bloody nose when Rodney gets hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Joanne - Wife
Douglas Hodge
Heroes and Villians'
(Christmas 96)
Grown-up Damien

The grown-up Damien is part of Rodney’s nightmare in Heroes and Villians.

The whole Trotter family
David Jackson
Who's A Pretty Boy
(Series 3)

The Irish painter and decorator has got one over on Del by selling him battle-ship grey paint instead of apple white. Del soon gets his revenge and stitches him up when the Nags Head needs redecorating.

Michael Jayston
Time On Our Hands
(Christmas 96)

Raquel’s Father spends the night at the flat after an evening meal. When he goes to the garage the following morning to collect his car he discovers the Harrison Watch that makes the Trotters millionaires.

Audrey - Wife
Raquel - Daughter
Mike Kemp
Strained Relations
(Series 4)
Cousin Stan

Stan’s had Albert living with him and his wife Jean, in his mobile home for 18 months. After attending Grandad’s funeral Albert falls asleep in the flat but when Del drives Albert back to North London the following morning they discover that Stan has done a bunk leaving Albert’s rucksack of possessions on the pavement.

Jean - Wife
The Whole Trotter Family
Ahmed Khalil
Cash and Curry
(Series 1)
Vimmal Malik

Part of the scam along with Mr Ram that sees Del part with two grand.

Rosalind Knight
The Jolly Boys' Outing
(Christmas 1989)
Mrs Creswell

The owner of the spooky Villa Bella in The Jolly Boys’ Outing.

Diane Langton
Happy Returns
(Series 4)
A Royal Flush
(Christmas 1986)
June Snell

June is an old flame of Del’s who turns up in Happy Returns when Rodney dates her daughter Debby. With Debby’s nineteenth birthday approaching Del does some maths and calculates that Debby is his daughter as it was nineteen years ago that he split up with June. However, June confesses to Del that she had a fling with his best mate, Albie Littlewood and that he is Debby’s father. June turns up again in A Royal Flush when Del takes her to the theatre.

Debby - Daughter
Rosalind Lloyd
Diamonds Are For Heather
(Series 2)

Del meets Heather in the Nags Head and soon falls in love. Things go well until Heathers estranged husband wants to give it another go.

Vic - Husband
Darren - Son
Ann Lynn
Time On Our Hands
(Christmas '96)

Audrey is Raquel’s Mother who stays at the Trotters flat after an evening meal.

James - Husband
Raquel - Daughter
Christopher Malcolm
Friday The 14th
(Series 3)
Escaped Axe Murderer

The Trotters are on a fishing trip at Boycie’s weekend cottage in Cornwall when they learn that a dangerous criminal has escaped from the local mental institution. Dubbed the Axe Murderer he turns up at Boycie’s cottage dressed as the chief of security from the local institution. The Trotters think they’ve recaptured the escaped murderer when Del unwittingly knocks out a man lurking outside in the rain. Whilst Rodney and Grandad take the bound and gagged man to the police station Del is left alone with the real murderer. Soon Del discovers his true identity and sees a way to make a few quid when the Axe Murderer reveals his hatred of winning during a game of imaginary snooker!

Tony Marshall
Dates (Christmas 88)
Rodney Come Home (Christmas 90)
Mother Nature's Son (Christmas 92)

First seen in Dates Chris is a friend of Rodney, Mickey and Jevon. Chris turns up again in Rodney Come Home and Mother Natures Son.

Roy Marsden
Little Problems
(Series 6)
Danny Driscoll

Danny and his brother Tony are feared throughout Peckham and appear in the episode Little Problems.

Tony - Brother
Mel Martin
Fatal Extraction
(Christmas 1993)

Beverly is a receptionist at Del’s dentists. Whilst Del and Raquel are going through a rough patch and Raquel is staying at Rodney and Cassandra’s flat, Del asks Beverly out on a date. Later though he feels guilty and cancels the date. It then seems that Beverly turns up everywhere Del goes.

Damien - Grandson
Philip McGough
Chain Gang
(Series 6)

Arnie appears in Chain Gang having just moved to the area from Lambeth. A jewellery dealer, Arnie is now retired due to heart problems but claims to still do a bit of business occasionally. Del gets a consortium together to buy 250 gold chains from Arnie but things start looking bleak when after handing over the money Arnie appears to have a heart attack and is carted away in an ambulance. The consortium think they’ve done their money but it turns out Arnie’s a conman who’s working the scam all over London.

Pat - Wife
Gary - Son
Steven - Son
Desmond McNamara
Christmas Crackers
(Series 1)

A friend of Del’s, Earl is seen drinking in the Monte Carlo Club in Christmas Crackers.

Cristopher Mitchell
May The Force Be With You
(Series 3)
To Hull and Back (Christmas 1985)
Terry Hoskins

Terry is first seen in May the Force be with You as a police constable guarding the interview room where Del is being interviewed by Roy Slater. Del knows Terry’s Mum and asks him how the gas fire he sold her is getting on. Hoskins turns up again in To Hull and Back as Slater’s driver. Hoskins doesn’t seem to like Slater much and is part of the undercover operation that brings the Chief Inspector down.

John Moreno
Diamons are for Heather
(Series 2)

Enrico is a mock Spanish singer whose part of the flamenco duo, the Magaluf Brothers, at the Nags Head’s Spanish night.