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Patrick Murray Plastered!!

John Sullivan had to add the scene where Mickey Pearce and Jevon are roughed up by the Driscoll Brothers in the episode Little Problems, after Patrick Murray tripped over his dog and fell through a pane of glass. Murray, who plays Mickey Pearce, was lucky not to lose his hand after the accident in which he badly cut his right arm. Despite losing five pints of blood and having neuro-surgery, he still managed to turn up for filming just six days after the accident.

The Harrison Watch

The story of the antique watch that enables the Trotters to become millionaires in Time On Our Hands is based on truth. The watch H6, known as The Lesser Watch, was made by English inventor John Harrison in the Eighteenth century.

Harrison invented the first ever accurate marine timekeeper to tell seafarers where they were on the globe. His invention won him a prize of 20.000, and he went on to make 5 more watches.

The whereabouts of all the watches is known except for the final watch, the H6. The designs for the H6 are kept at The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich but the watch itself has never been found.

Robbie Williams

Singer Robbie Williams may have had a walk on part as an extra in the 1992 Christmas Special Mother Natures Son. He can be seen about 50 minutes into the episode stood at the bar in The Nags Head whilst a Take That song is playing in the background

The Gulf War

During the Gulf War, a 15 minute episode of Only Fools was shot and sent to British troops in the region, along with a specially converted three wheeled van which had a gun mounted on the roof.

Eva Mottley

Actress Eva Mottley, who played Denzil's wife Corrine in Who's a Pretty Boy committed suicide on St Valentines Day 1985, aged just 31.

Anthony Hopkins

John Sullivan wrote the part of Danny Driscoll for Sir Anthony Hopkins. Sullivan had seen Hopkins interviewed on Wogan where he mentioned he was a fan of the show and wanted to appear in an episode. The Driscoll brothers had been mentioned before but never seen and Sullivan wrote the episode Little Problems. However when it came to filming Hopkins was busy filming the blockbuster Silence of the Lambs, for which he won an Oscar!

Dutch Fools

Only Fools and Horses has been sold around the world but both the Dutch and Portugese have made their own versions. The Dutch with Wat Schuift and the Portugese with O Fura Vidas

Cameo Roles

Both Richard Branson and Barry Gibb had cameo roles in the 1991 Christmas special Miami Twice.

David White

David Jason was born David White but had to change his surname when he took up acting, as there was already an actor called David White.


Producer Gareth Gwenlan appeared in the 1993 Christmas special Fatal Extraction as the Policeman on horseback who temporarily breaks up the riot to let Del, Raquel and Damien pass through.


Lennard Pearce had been acting for more than 40 years before finding fame in Only Fools and Horses as Grandad.

Bank Manager

Buster Merryfield only took up acting full-time when he retired from his job as a bank manager, aged 57.

Miami Twice

The 1991 Christmas special Miami Twice cost $2 million to make.

The Great Ramondo

Robin Driscoll, who appeared in the 1989 Christmas special as The Great Ramondo, is co-writer of Mr Bean along with Rowan Atkinson and Ben Elton.