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Yuppy Love
08 Jan 1989
13.9 million 80's fever is spreading fast ! Del Boy's on the up and up into the exciting world of red braces and yuppy sorts. Armed with his filofax and briefcase he's ready to take on the city - well Peckham, anyway. Meanwhile Rodney's on the pull, with a classy bird called Cassandra. Wonder what she'll think of Nelson Mandela House.
Danger UXD
15 Jan 1989
16.1 million Just faking a signature on a delivery note means that Del can take possession of 50 dolls for absolutely nothing. The only problem is that 'Lusty Linda' and 'Erotic Estelle' are not exactly what he had in mind and would seem more appropriate to Dirty Barry's dubious trade rather than the local toy shop.
Chain Gang
22 Jan 1989
16.3 million It's the deal of a lifetime ! Faced with the opportunity of buying 250 18 carat gold chains from retired jeweller, Arnie, Del just can't resist. Hastily, a consortium is formed, Mike, Trigger, Boycie, Uncle Albert and a reluctant Rodney. Everything's pretty cushty until Arnie's taken ill just as the deal is about to be sealed and Del is left with the feeling that all that glitters.....
The Unlucky Winner Is...
29 jan 1989
17 million Rodney's won a holiday for three in the Mediterranean courtesy of Del and the Megaflakes drawing competition. The only snag is he's got to pretend he's fourteen years old all week. Should be a doddle - all he's got to do is keep his head down. Then the skateboarding and break-dancing competitions begin.
Sickness and Wealth
05 Feb 1989
18.2 million While excruciating stomach cramps and a constant diet of health salts might drive some people to visit a doctor, not Del! No, he knows he's only suffering from that scourge of all serious yuppies, PMA - Positive Mental Attitude! So, it's going to require some nifty plotting by Rodney and Uncle Albert to get Del to visit the dreaded 'D' word!
Little Problems
12 Feb 1989
18.9 million With his diploma in computer science, new job in Cassandra's father's firm and impending marriage, Rodney's certainly on the up. Del's even promised to take care of his share of the flat deposit. Only problem is, Del's gone and got himself into a bit of bother over some hooky mobile phones, with the less than understanding Driscoll brothers and unless he comes up with 2,000 pretty sharpish, they're going to take care of him.